Parents as Partners

School Community

Parent involvement at St Bernard’s

Families feel a strong sense of belonging at St Bernard’s. There’s a real sense of community here that grows from being an intimate school with welcoming, caring teachers who are connected to our families and know each child by name.

Parents are an integral part of St Bernard’s and we see you as partners in our effectiveness as a school. You are what helps make St Bernard’s such a vibrant place to be for students, families and our staff.

You are invited to contribute to St Bernard’s through these areas which rely on parent involvement:

  • Parents & Friends’ Association
  • Religious celebrations throughout the year
  • Canteen
  • Book fair
  • St Bernard’s Day celebrations
  • Easter and Christmas celebrations
  • Mother’s and Father’s Day breakfasts
  • Support for year 5 and 6 students cooking meals for The Dish once a term
  • Reading volunteers
  • Fete and fundraising teams

Parents can also assist with sports coaching, sports carnivals, gala days and excursions, providing endless opportunities to be involved in your child’s education throughout the year.