About Us

Faith and Parish

We are an unashamedly Catholic school and as part of the Catholic community, our mission is to educate and form young people as disciples of Jesus, supported by families and the parish.

St Bernard’s students are given experiences in following Jesus as members of the Catholic community. All aspects of school life are immersed in the discipleship of Jesus. Whenever students participate in cultural, artistic, sporting, academic or social justice activities here, they are given opportunities to develop an appreciation of what it is like to be a Catholic and to see the world through Catholic eyes.

We’re part of the Ku-ring-gai Chase Catholic Parish

As a Ku-ring-gai Chase Catholic Parish primary school, we enjoy a warm relationship with the parish churches, St Patrick’s Church Asquith and St Bernard’s Church Berowra, which is located in the school grounds.

Both churches give our students and their families regular opportunities to participate in church life. We invite you to join us for worship in either of our parish churches as we live our Gospel values in service to God and each other.

Parish office contact details are:

St Bernard’s Church Berowra

1-19 Woodcourt Road

Berowra Heights NSW 2082

Parish Priest: Father Biju Jose

Phone: (02) 9456 2450

Email: parishkccp@bbcatholic.org.au