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Statement on Teaching & Learning

Statement on Teaching and Learning at St Bernard’s

St. Bernard’s is a faith filled community offering a dynamic primary education. Our newly refurbished learning spaces are equipped with innovative technology and structures that allow for collaborative, creative and dynamic learning experiences. Our team of passionate teachers deliver the curriculum through exciting, engaging and purposeful learning opportunities which foster critical thinking, curiosity and a love of learning.

St Bernard’s is a nurturing place with strong pastoral care and supportive learning structures that foster the wellbeing of all individuals. Our Positive Behaviours for Learning (PBL) project ensures that all students are ready to learn in a safe, positive and supportive environment where they feel comfortable to take risks and face many learning challenges. We foster a growth mindset that encourages students to continue challenging themselves as learners and become creative problem solvers and independent, life long-long learners.

Learning Principles

  • Learning is a product of thinking.

Great learning occurs when learners are challenged by opportunities to think critically and creatively.

  • Collaboration enhances learning.

We acknowledge the fundamentally social nature of learning and believe we can learn better as a community. Technology provides significant opportunities to expand our learning networks and increase learning power.

  • Learners must have agency in their learning.

Learners increase their agency when they are aware of how thinking and learning occur and when they are provided with choice and opportunities to co-construct their learning experiences.

  • Learning dispositions are as important as skills and knowledge.

Learning is profoundly influenced by our emotions. When learners are able to understand the affective domain they are better able to regulate their learning. While skills and knowledge are important, learners must be able to apply them.

  • Learning is contextual.

Learning is most effective when it is embedded in authentic contexts and learners have the opportunities to transfer and apply their learning to new situations in flexible and thought-provoking ways that highlight the ethical dimensions of learning.

  • Learning happens at the point of challenge.

Individuals learn differently. Every student deserves to be challenged and supported to meet these challenges through a differentiated and rigorous curriculum.

Catholic Schools Office

Diocese of Broken Bay

All students learn at different rates and our learning spaces and structures are organised in such a way that caters for individual learning needs, ensuring that all students are provided with the right support and learning that targets their specific point of need.