St Bernard’s recognised by ACARA for high learning gains

Congratulations to SBBH who have received recognition from the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA) for the high gains achieved by students in our NAPLAN reading and numeracy scores between 2016 and 2018. SBBH students have demonstrated increases in their reading and numeracy scores that are greater than both the national average gain and the gain by students from other similar schools.

These improved outcomes are a result of the following significant strategic initiatives undertaken by the school to improve literacy and numeracy results:

1.Staff are analysing critical student data to inform teaching practices, curriculum planning and Professional Development.

2.Staff have been involved in collaboratively planning authentic and engaging learning using a range of strategies including the Cultures of Thinking framework, leveraging digital and positively utilising our wonderful learning spaces.

2.Regular student review meetings that enable children to access point of need teaching

3.Wellbeing programs that encourage students to have a growth mindset in their learning

As the Principal I am deeply proud of the the dedication of staff and the commitment of students to being a learning community.

Jeanette Fowles